Welcome To Fabric Plus

Fabric Plus is a Social Enterprise and a Brand that weaves elements of tradition and contemporary textile art and craft seamlessly together. Our products resound the artistry and passion of thousands of craftsmen and women who take part with us in this revolution we aim to bring about in the textile and fashion industries.

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What We Do?

Cocoons to Yarns

Eri and Muga Silk are the pride of the North-East of India. Over 95% of Eri Silk and all of the worlds Muga silk is cultivated here. Fabric Plus has helped in fostering sericulture in this region and continues to do so with an aspiration to help making it fully self-sustainable.

We process cocoons with the help of our unique homegrown technology and expertise and develop yarns that meet international quality expectations. Our textile technologists and scientists probe into territories never explored before to discover unique methods and processes that ultimately translate to our products that stand a class apart. ( Link to blog about our non-violent process - Read more here )

Eri Silk Saree fabric manufacturer muga sarees Mekhela chadar Assamese cotton chador  price


Our range of fabric is vast and varied. From traditional handlooms to powerloom weaves using silk, cotton, bamboo, remi and pineapple yarns and their blends, to mention a few. We present an exclusive range that covers everything from buddhist monk shawls and other holy/sacred fabrics, traditional and contemporary fashion garments (such as saree, mekhela chadar, stoles, shawls, kurtis and nehru coats), home furnishing textiles and accessories.

Fabric Plus also associates itself with the practice of “Natural Dye” in their products.

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The age old tradition of handweaving is very dear to us. We consider it as a true source of inspiration and art. The care, love, compassion and meditations involved in the development of handwoven fabrics is difficult to express in words and can be understood only upon feeling the fabric. The touch of it can fill one with that aspect of nature which is raw and organic. A sense of nature that is passed on to us from the warm abodes of the handloom, from the touch of the weavers artistic hands and the spirits of the silkworms itself.Read More

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Eri Silk Saree fabric manufacturer pure sarees cotton chador sador assam price pure
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Silk Spinning Factory

We have an unit which is capable of delivering both long staple and short staple yarns. Our production capacity is of 8 Metric Tonnes per month for short and long staple yarns, and an additional capacity of 15 Metric Tonnes for blended yarns.

Our manpower is locally trained and highly dedicated. They welcome challenges and strive to grow both personally and professionally

Garmenting Factory

Our garmenting unit is a one of a kind, integrated set-up with an infrastructure that is well equipped with over a 100 Juki machines and favourable working conditions, run by a team of highly efficient women. We cater to any textile requirements of small, medium and large industries, with products ranging from uniforms, protective clothing and other custom-made goods

Social Impact

Fabric Plus’ sericulture and weaving network touches more than 25000 families across the region, embracing the principles of fair trade and the promotion of creating sustainable livelihoods thus providing economic development with an eco-friendly and environment-friendly products, based on the potential strength of the land. Our silk spinning factory (mostly Muga silk and Eri silk spun yarns) produces 250 kg of yarns a day, impacting directly and indirectly 17000 women. The factory is run by 85 % women, inspite of our wish to make it 100% women.Read More

Featured Range

Our Stories

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Fabric Plus has one of the most fascinating stories behind its birth, none more fascinating and endearing than the man who started the company, Dilip Barooah. Hailing from Margherita, he possibly never thought about textiles when he was young. Instead, his primary goal was to become self dependent because he grew up with 5 siblings […]


The Economic Times By Tasmayee Laha Roy Nov 26, 2016

Amid a whirlwind of retrospectives and tributes to ‘Make in India,’ the fashion circuit is evaluating the potential of indigenous silk portfolios. Bringing in a mix of old and new designs and textures, designers are experimenting with the aesthetics of regional silks across the country as they seek to strike a balance between the avant-garde […]

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Assam silk can capture international markets GUWAHATI, Nov 5, Assam Tribune

Assam silk has tremendous potential to make inroads into national and international markets, stated foreign and national experts at the Guwahati Press Club here today. Dr Ole Zethner and Rie Koustrup from Denmark, who have jointly edited a book titled South Asian Ways of Silk, to which 12 writers and experts from India and abroad […]


The Telegraph – Textile firm targets 50000 jobs

Dilip Barooah at his office-cum-showroom in Guwahati on Wednesday. Picture by UB Photos   Guwahati, Jan. 21: A Guwahati-based manufacturer of Assam silk is eyeing creation of at least 50,000 jobs in rural Northeast in the next five years. Fabric Plus, a textile firm having 500 employees and 46,000 people indirectly associated with it, intends to […]