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Welcome To Fabric Plus

Fabric Plus is a Social Enterprise and a Brand that weaves elements of tradition and contemporary textile art and craft seamlessly together. Our products resound the artistry and passion of thousands of craftsmen and women who take part with us in this revolution we aim to bring about in the textile and fashion industries.

What We Do?


Legend has it that the first silk was develop by the wife of the Yellow Emperor, Leize around the year 2696 BC. When sipping tea in the imperial gardens, a cocoon fell into her tea cup and unravelled. She noticed that the cocoon was actually made from a long, strong and yet soft thread. Leize then discovered how to combine the silk fibers into a thread which would be followed by a process of weaving in handlooms. Soon there has a forest of mulberry trees for silkworms to feed on and it wasn’t long before the rest of China caught up to the trend.

Considered a sacred gift from Mother Nature, our silk worms are treated with utmost respect. Unlike the larger part of the silk industries worldwide, we choose a non-violent way to develop yarns and fabrics that safe for the environment and those who wear it. ( Link to blog about our non-violent process - Read more here )


We develop fine yarns with the help of advanced and innovative technology at our factory. With textile technologists and scientists probing into territories never explored before, we have been able to discover unique methods and processes that define our product in the market.

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Our fabrics are varied. From Silks, linens, cottons, bamboo, pineapple, remi, and their blends we offer course to fine. An exclusive range that covers everything from baby clothing, fashion garments and accessories to home furnishing and industrial fabrics.


The age old tradition of handweaving is very dear to us. We consider it as a true source of inspiration and art. The care, love, compassion and meditations involved in the development of handwoven fabrics is difficult to express in words and can be understood only upon feeling the fabric. The touch of it can fill one with that aspect of nature which is raw and organic. A sense of nature that is passed on to us from the warm abodes of the handloom, from the touch of the weavers artistic hands and the spirits of the silkworms itself.Read More


We have an unit which is capable of delivering both long staple and short staple yarns. Our production capacity is of 8 Metric Tonnes per month for short and long staple yarns, and an additional capacity of 15 Metric Tonnes for blended yarns.

Our manpower is locally trained and are a highly dedicated bunch are welcome challenges and strive to grow personally and professionally.

Social Impact

Fabric Plus’ sericulture and weaving network touches more than 25000 families across the region, embracing the principles of fair trade and the promotion of creating sustainable livelihoods thus providing economic development with an eco-friendly and environment-friendly products, based on the potential strength of the land. Our silk spinning factory (mostly Muga silk and Eri silk spun yarns) produces 250 kg of yarns a day, impacting directly and indirectly 17000 women. The factory is run by 85 % women, inspite of our wish to make it 100% women.Read More

Our Stories


Most of us own a stole or even wear it as a part of our daily outfit. A stole is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, linen or cotton. […]


7 Reasons Why of Eco Friendly Fashion

That perfect mauve tee with black leather pants and those leopard print heels and you’re ready for yet another day without realizing the effects your choice of wardrobe creates. The fashion industry currently leaves behind a huge negative environmental footprint. Apparel industry is considered to be the second largest polluter after oil. The culprits are […]



Our identity lies in the womb of our rich, golden heritage. Textiles, jewellery, food, crafts, sports and oral traditions are all weaved into the golden tapestry of our culture – the ‘Indian’ culture. Grandmother’s special aam ka achar with its irresistible aroma; mom’s besan ke ladoos made with ingredients in unmeasured palm moulds that taste […]


Eclectic Northeast July 18, 2017 By Meeta Borah 

Fabric Plus has one of the most fascinating stories behind its birth, none more fascinating and endearing than the man who started the company, Dilip Barooah. Hailing from Margherita, he possibly never thought about textiles when he was young. Instead, his primary goal was to become self dependent because he grew up with 5 siblings […]


Textile Excellence – 24th Feb. 2017

Union Minister of textiles, Smriti Zubin Irani inaugurated an Apparel and Garment making center in Boragaon, Guwahati, Assam in the presence of Ranjit Dutta, Minister Handloom & Textiles and Irrigation (Assam),  Bijoya Chakraborty, Member of Parliament for Guwahati parliamentary constituency and Mukti Gogoi, Commissioner and Secretary of Handloom Textiles and Sericulture Department of Assam among […]


Wormspit Gold of Assam Posted on February 28, 2007

I found a sericulture collective in Cooch Behar that raises the elusive and *amazingly* beautiful Muga silk, Antheraea assamensis. They sent me a packet of samples. I’m SO buying some of this stuff as soon as possible.       These are muga cocoons – the Gold of Assam. They’re substantial, although thinner than Bombyx cocoons. […]


Assam Times By Dilip Barooah | Saturday, May 1, 2010

  Dubai, April 17: The Assamese Community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrated RongaliBihu on 16th April last, with traditional fervor and gaiety. This year a record of over 250 people gathered at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel Dubai for a cultural evening featuring popular guest artistes from Assam as well as local pool of […]