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Textile Excellence – 24th Feb. 2017

Union Minister of textiles, Smriti Zubin Irani inaugurated an Apparel and Garment making center in Boragaon, Guwahati, Assam in the presence of Ranjit Dutta, Minister Handloom & Textiles and Irrigation (Assam),  Bijoya Chakraborty, Member of Parliament for Guwahati parliamentary constituency and Mukti Gogoi, Commissioner and Secretary of Handloom Textiles and Sericulture Department of Assam among others. The entire panel of dignitaries was welcomed by a troop of Bihu dancers beautifully portraying the traditional Assamese culture.

Bijoya Chakraborty on her address elaborated on the scenario of textiles and handlooms in Assam. She proudly claimed that in most of the villages in Assam, every household owns a loom where they could produce tons of handmade textiles with traditional designs. However, the problem rests with lack of ‘organized marketing’ of the products and the intrusion of unscrupulous middlemen which is one of the major hindrances to these artisans, she explained.

This topic was further stressed by Assam’s textile minister Ranjit Dutta. Calling Smriti Irani as the state’s daughter and pointing out that she had a family connection at Dhubri in Assam, he assured that the union textile minister is in the process of changing the scenario.  Dutta also said that the State Government is going to sell the woven products from the households through ARTFED and added that a center of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) will be set up at West Boragaon in a 60-bigha plot of land.

The inaugural session concluded with the speech by the Union Minister of Textiles Smriti Irani. She referred to the Vrindavani Bastra that used to be woven during the days of Srimanta Sankardeva. Irani spoke of the abundance potentials of handloom and textile industry in Assam. She said that her ministry would extend all help to Assam in all measures taken by the state towards development of hand loom and textiles and generation of employment avenues. She said that the App ‘E-Dhaga’ is now available in Assamese, and through this App, cotton and jute yarn can be bought by weavers. Getting rid of middlemen is a major motive of the App, she emphasized. The Union Minister also stressed on the importance of the promotion of “Eri Silk” which is also known as “Peace Silk” worldwide.

The dignitaries visited all the sections of the apparel and garment making center. Smriti Irani expressed her satisfaction with the unit and interacted with the operators and the team, encouraging everyone to continue the hard work and put their skills to the best use.  Fabric Plus, an established company manufacturing Eri and Muga silk yarn and fabric in Assam, is the authorized operating agency for the apparel making center. Dilip Barooah, founder and managing director of Fabric Plus along with his team was present and guided the dignitaries through various sections of the unit which included the designing, cutting, sewing, inspection, packaging and storage sections.

Fabric Plus strives for ‘harnessing culture and technology to create livelihood’ which come true through this project

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Wormspit Gold of Assam Posted on February 28, 2007

I found a sericulture collective in Cooch Behar that raises the elusive and *amazingly* beautiful Muga silk, Antheraea assamensis. They sent me a packet of samples. I’m SO buying some of this stuff as soon as possible.




These are muga cocoons – the Gold of Assam. They’re substantial, although thinner than Bombyx cocoons.


They can supply reeled muga yarn in two different qualities, hand-reeled and machine-reeled. This is hand reeled. It shines like polished gold or brass.


You can see that it’s untwisted filament, held together by the gum. It is a little bit stiff.

Let’s just look at the silk for just a moment. Ah, yes.

This is the machine-reeled muga. It’s twisted during the reeling process, so it has a little more consistency and strength, but a little less sheen.


Closeup of the machine-reeled muga.



As with all the silk varieties, waste from reeling is never wasted. This is mill-spun muga yarn. It’s about a 2/50’s or so.

This is the “muga wrapped tasar” yarn. I’m not 100% sure which part is what.

This is a really beautiful chainette. It’s softer than the other muga yarns. I think it’s probably made from the machine reeled filament, with some of the gum boiled off. It should make nice yarn for knitting.

Ghicha is a variety of yarn hand-spun from the remainder of cocoons after the “good stuff” is reeled off. It’s got a lot of character. Oh, and that’s a dime, for those of you who haven’t seen the old Mercury style. It’s the same size as a modern Eisenhower dime.


They also make Eri yarn. This is a thick-and-thin singles, with quite a range of thickness.

This is the sweet, sweet set of swatches they sent. There are several blends with muga and other silks, with linen, with cotton, with tasar. These are all handloom fabrics.

Muga x cotton

Muga x linen


Muga x cotton in a jacquard pattern of leaves and flowers

Muga and tasar. I think the muga is the background, the tasar is the lumpy thick yarn.

High-twist muga x cotton.

For me, the best piece is this large chunk of 100% hand-reeled muga. It’s got a sheen like nothing else. The hand of this silk is fairly stiff, because it is left in the gum.




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Assam Times By Dilip Barooah | Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dubai, April 17: The Assamese Community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrated RongaliBihu on 16th April last, with traditional fervor and gaiety.

This year a record of over 250 people gathered at the Metropolitan Palace Hotel Dubai for a cultural evening featuring popular guest artistes from Assam as well as local pool of talents from UAE. The guest artistes to have graced the occasion coming all the way from Assam were JayantaNath, MonishaBordoloi, PrijyaHazarika and Prayashi Bora.

The Chief Guest for the Program was Mr. Sanjay Verma, the newly joined Consul General of India based in Dubai. The Consul General accompanied by his wife MrsSangitaVerma, congratulated the organizers for the excellent display of traditional Assamese attires, food items as well the rich cultural heritage of the State. Senior Dubai resident AswiniBorkotoky, welcomed the gathering on behalf of the organizers, Assam Society, UAE. The guests were felicitated with the traditional gamosa and souvenirs.

One of the star attractions of the grand evening was noted Assamese Singer, dancer and musician, Mrs. MonishaBordoloi, who enthralled the audience with new songs as well as popular songs from yesteryears including lilting Bihu songs.

Another star attraction of the program was the guest artiste JayantaNath from Jorhat. JayantaNath, a singer, composer and music director, entertained the audience in his inimitable style with a variety of Assamese and folk songs, with the audience literally dancing to his tunes. This is the second time, after his performance in Dubai in 2006, that Sri Nath appeared in the Bihu Celebrations of the Society. Sri Nath also inaugurated his new music album entitled ‘Manabata’ in the same program.The duo of JayantaNath and MonishaBordoloi also put up an impressive joint performance which took the show well past midnight to the joy of those present. They were supported by ParthaGoswami, SumonBordoloi and ArindamBaruah in background scores.

Instrumental Numbers by Prayashi Bora, Guwahati The cultural function got off to an early start with ‘Okonir Mel’ where the tiny‐tots had the opportunity to display their talents in different areas. All the young participants received gifts in order to encourage participation in future events and also carry on the tradition of Assamese Culture. Children were also given away prizes for participating in the Drawing Competition organized in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the eve of the Bihu celebrations. Mr. AmiruddinAjmal, head of Dubai and Assam based Ajmal Perfumes Group, distributed the prizes.One of the highlights of the program was the very lively Hussori performance. The hussori troupe was led by ParthaPratimGoswami and supported by SumonBordoloi, DayanandaGogoi, BibhutiBrata Sharma, Sandeep Bhagowati, DipakTumung, IswarPrasanna Das, TandeepBhagowati, Shyamoli Pathak Bora, Dimple Bhagowati, SumanaBhuyan and SumanKhaundBaruah.

A chorus, ‘SrimoyiAxomorXitolbukut’, was performed by SumonKhoundBarua, SangitaBhagowati, SumanaBhuyan, Dimple Bhagowati, Mommy Dowerah, DayanandaGogoi, SumonBordoloi, DipakTumung, Arman Hazorika, Sandeep Bhagowati with the accompaniment of background music by ParthaGoswami, ArindamBaruah and Shyamoli Pathak Bora.The program was ably compeered by Abidul Islam (Abu Dhabi) and Syed Faruk Ahmed (Dubai) – both first timers for such an event in UAE. The memorable moments of the Bihu celebrations were captured in her lens by IpsitaBarua with a professional touch.The 5th edition of ProbaxiBihuwan, the souvenir of Assam Society (UAE), Dubai was unveiled by Mr. Sanjay Verma, the honourable Consul General of India, the same evening.

The eventful evening also witnessed the formal launch of the new look website of the Society at www.assamuae.org . Also launched was the new logo of Assam Society, UAE – designed by Mrs. SumanaBhuyan.The dinner organized at the hotel premises had Assamese flavor too – with helpings of Rou Fish Fry and Kawoi Fish curry.This is the 12th year that the Assam Society, Dubai, has organized this event, having started off way back in 1999 with a two day outdoor programme at the Bin Majid Beach Resort in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

This year saw a surge in Sponsors for the program with some sponsors even from far away Assam. The sponsors were Petrochem, Ajmal Perfumes, Al Khaleej Sugar, AbharanJewellery, Al Dowobi, Avon Division of Al Hathboor Group, Bank of Baroda, Barbeque Delight, Carlease, Citibank, Colgate Total, Holcim Trading FZCO, Home Centre, IORA (Kaziranga), Life Insurance Corporation, MotiMahal Restaurant, Paras Pharma FZE, Premier Enterprises (Guwahati0, Samsung Gulf, Stargate, Al Murshidi Perfumes, Tumung Property Consultants (Guwahati), Jaffrey Zaman, UAE Exchange and Zee TV Network.

For the first time for a Bihu Celebrations, several competitions were organized this year – including ‘Sriman‐Srimoyee’ Contest – best attired male and female from among the audience, Food Mela – a competition to recognize best ethnic food/ snack preparations, Okonir Mel – to spot and encourage young talents from among the community. Food Mela saw a huge response from several expert cooks who prepared authentic and delicious Bihuspecialities…the young generation participated actively in Okonir Mel and the Painting Competition…a handful of secret judges selected Sriman and Srimoyee 2010. 1st and 2nd prize winners in male category were TonmoyBarooah and Rajesh Goswami respectively, whereas in the female category Yasmin Hazarika was the winner and DeepikaKataky was the runners’up.Also on display on the venue were traditional dresses brought all the way from Assam – courtesy Fabric Plus, Guwahati and handcrafted dresses by MrsPhunu Dutta of Abu Dhabi.The event was organized successfully with a host of active members from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi ably led by AnupalPhookan.