About Us

The Company

Fabric Plus started off as a merchant exporter in Mumbai in 2003 with ASSAM SILK as the flagship products. It was founded by the present M.D Mr. Dilip Barooah - a Textile Technologist turned technocrat engaged in rigorous indulgence for 25 years of practicing nuances of Textile Industries to the hilt across the globe. A pioneer in manufacturing of branded handloom silk products, we are the largest commercial manufacturers of Eri or Ahimsa Silk in North East India. Our products and services include Eri silk yarns, silk blended yarns and fabrics, made ups for both fashion and home furnishing. Prioritizing on issues like increasing women empowerment and fair trade practices has earned the company the recognition of a social initiative. We believe that we are ‘the vehicles of change’ in terms of both technology and social harmony balance. Read More


Our business is all about applying the most appropriate technology in to the ancient art of producing eri silk that was never attempted, because of lack of professionalism. Thanks to our textile background and exposure and also the commitment of our team. Eri silk which is the only naturally occurring Ahimsha or non-violent silk, that is produced only in the NE of India. We had ignored the potential of this silk, however, with the growing awareness about what an eco friendly textile means, we are confident that it is going to become one of the most wanted silk in the world. We have so far been able to pioneer it & impact 20000 families with a business turnover of Rs. 14 cr; with further investment of Rs. 16 cr, we are confident to bring it to the next level and impact more than 100000 families. We invite you to be a part of journey and enjoy.


Fabric Plus’ sericulture and weaving network touches more than 25000 families across the region, embracing the principles of fair trade and the promotion of creating sustainable livelihoods thus providing economic development with an eco-friendly and environment-friendly products, based on the potential strength of the land. Our silk spinning factory (mostly Muga silk and Eri silk spun yarns) produces 250 kg of yarns a day, impacting directly and indirectly 17000 women. The factory is run by 85 % women, inspite of our wish to make it 100% women. Read More

Story of ERI and MUGA

The word silk conjures up images of elegance, perfection and skilled fabric making. Silk embodies finesse, heritage & serves to remind us of India’s long history with this exquisite fabric – dating back to India’s glory years of the Harappa & Indus Valley Civilization. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers that is loved and worn by millions all over the world. It is used to make a number of articles of clothing.

Fabric Plus deals with silk yarns, fabrics and made-ups and also those of other materials (cotton, linen, bamboo, ramie, etc.). Our range of silks, namely Eri and Muga silks are AHIMSA or PEACE silks, native to our homeland, Assam, India, and have special/unique properties. Read More


The age old tradition of hand weaving is very dear to us. We consider it as a true source of inspiration and art. The care, love, compassion and meditations involved in the development of hand woven fabrics is difficult to express in words and can be understood only upon feeling the fabric. The touch of it can fill one with that aspect of nature which is raw and organic. A sense of nature that is passed on to us from the warm abodes of the handloom, from the touch of the weaver’s artistic hands and the spirits of the silkworms itself. The tradition of Handloom weaving is integral to the socio-cultural fabric of India. Handloom products entail distinctive features by geographical distribution and traits of local craftsmanship. The north eastern region of India, and especially the state of Assam in particular is acknowledged as a prime location for this tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.Read More